Lunch at Soban 소반 (Jeju)

Soban 소반 (Jeju)
Soban 소반 (Jeju)

After half a day of walking, taking photos and admiring the scenery (not to mention a little souvenir shopping here and there), it was time for lunch and believe me... we were famished! Victor (Jejueco) brought us to this quaint little restaurant with an English countryside flair and serves up some really good traditional Korean food with some fusion touches mixed in.

With only about 6 tables, Soban 소반 can only accommodate around 20 persons. So there you might have to wait if it is peak hour and if you happen to be alone, be prepared to be turned away (it's a Korean thing where most Korean restaurants have a policy of minimum of 2 persons) unless you eat bibimbap. No wonder Victor was on the phone constantly before lunch, having to coordinate timing and getting to the food is certainly a challenge!

When we arrived, we were warmly greeted by the owner of Soban 소반 and seated according to our groups: 5 of us at one table (which was a tight squeeze with all that food, but we managed somehow), and the Australian and Russian couple each had their own table. The two couples were more taste-testing the food since it is something new for them. But being the Singaporeans that we were, I think we ate the most food and we were the only ones who asked for seconds (e.g. the vegetables and banchan were free flow, but some of the items were not)! I think the couples found us a little weird? haha Since we ate like there was no tomorrow, hardly leaving food remains on the plates, while they stopped after a few bites here and there as some of the dishes were simply too spicy for them.

Soban 소반 (Jeju)
Table setting: chopsticks and tissue (you will need them!)
Soban 소반 (Jeju)
The light yet flavorful and refreshing barley tea!
Soban 소반 (Jeju)
The bits of barley can be eaten and they tasted yummy!
Soban 소반 (Jeju)
Soban 소반 (Jeju)
Potato kimchi (?)
Soban 소반 (Jeju)
Sardine wrapped in aged kimchi: these were M and C's favorite!

... and how could I forget the feast that covered our table!

Soban 소반 (Jeju)
All that food... just looking at this is making me hungry again (>.<)

That said, this is one restaurant I highly recommend you visit if you ever go to Jeju! The food was fantastic, barley tea lovely and the service warmhearted. The fact that the restaurant was small in size gives it a homey feel which would enhance your dining experience.

Soban 소반

Seogwi-dong 260-26, Seogwipo-si Jeju-do, Korea

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