2015 - Year of the 羊 Food Food Food

This year we ushered in the new 'Chinese' new year with good food (as usual). Reunion dinner on the eve of the holiday used to be steamboat, but this year the chef decided to do something different for a change. 

So it was a feast of mochi fishball soup, broccoli with scallop and abalone, prawns, salmon, stuffed mushrooms, ngoh hiang, rice with spices and not forgetting the yusheng! For dessert, there was steamed custard with mashed pumpkin. 

Gathering around the table and dining together, especially with family members that I have not seen in some time, was a very heartwarming moment. Grandma might not be here anymore, but we are still keeping the tradition alive. ^^

On the second day, we went to Luttisparrow's home for another round of feasting! This time of the year can be considered as only eating and just having fun (and bonding) with family members. So any diets plans will just have to wait. (>.<)

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