Canon Pixma Arts & Craft Series: 3-D Panda is here!

Ever wanted to created something but thought you were just bad at it? Well, that can be considered a thing of the past, as long as you can cut, fold and read instructions, you are pretty much on your way to becoming an origami/arts and crafts person! Personalizing gifts will never be the same again, and you can leave your mark just like an artist signs off a piece of artwork! ^^

After making a Message Card with a Mission, Bow Wow Scrapbook Photo Frame and a personalized birthday card, I have decided to try something else just for fun. Since my recent visit to the zoo, I have been quite enamored with pandas. So naturally when it come to selecting an animal to try 'create' at the recent Canon Pixma Workshop, I choose the panda over the giraffe (which happened to be a little more complicated).  

Anyways with paper in hand I carefully cut and folded the panda:
Print out with instructions
It's even educational too! Who said arts and crafts were just for kids?
After carefully cutting along the lines...
... a little folding and a little glue....
TADAH!! The final product  - 3D panda that can stand on its own. You can use the animal for other crafts as decorations too. ^^

If you are interested in other animals other than the panda, you can find them all at Canon Creative Park! Creating these paper crafts are as entertaining (and sometimes as challenging) as a jigsaw puzzle. There's always that sense of accomplishment when the finally product is finished!

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