Nail Polish Frenzy (Well… Almost)

When I was in Seoul earlier this year, I had my nails done at one of the nail salons at Doota. There were two nail salons that DramaQueen and I stumbled upon, one on the 5th floor and the other at B2 (or was it B1). It was more of a spur of the moment, so it is natural that I do not remember the names of the salons. I only remember the service and the friendliness of the staff. Apparently being the busy salons that they are, appointments are necessary (as you can see, having not been to a nail salon before we were total noobs when it comes to this sort of things, but we learnt).

Anyways, the first salon that we chanced upon was on the 5th floor (after getting our tax refund forms stamped and filled) had only two manicurists manning the shop and there wasn’t much of a crowd. They were in fact doing each other nails instead and not interested in our queries. It made us feel a little unwelcome, coupled with the fact that there was a lack of communication (thank goodness my Korean is better now... I think hahaha).

Anyways, we looked a bit and found the one at B2 (or like I said maybe it was B1). We were able to book a timeslot for later in the evening. So when the time came (and after all that shopping), we made our way down to the salon. With my limited Korean and their limited English, we managed to get by somehow and we did our nails. I wanted the Gradation but it was lost in translation, so my nails became a pretty shade of pinks and blues, while DramaQueen had hers in a pastel purple. The good thing about the salon was that they didn’t hardsell, the bad thing was because it was almost close to closing time they were very enthusiastic about the cheaper and easier to do manicures. The experience could have been better but I was happy with my nails nonetheless.
Pink and Blues - Pretty Nails in Seoul
Haven't been able to find similar shades of pink and blue back here home in Singapore

After coming back to Singapore, I think the trip to Korea made me look at nail polish more (which also translates to buying a couple of bottles). So far my self-attempted nail escapades have been interesting to say the least (Anyone want to sponsor me nail art / manicure? lol).
Stripey Nails - First ever attempt at diy nail. I think it looks alright...
... and the left hand really needs to practice more. So challenging!
From stripes to something more sweet (I think). It didn't turn out as well as I expected, but it was fun ^^
Splashes of Color - This one come by accident, like an artwork. I think it turned out pretty nice!
and the left hand did a commendable job on my right hand! Messy splashes of color. lol
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