Music Made Easier in More Ways than 1

Listening to music on the go has never been easier with my Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 earbuds. Not only are tangles are a thing of the past, but listening to music has never been more enjoyable and answering phone calls have been a delight hands-free. Having wireless these wireless ear buds have definitely made life easier. Instead of feeling flustered about messy tangled wires, now with the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 earbuds listening to moving while on the move can be done in 3 simple steps (or less!). Don't believe me? Check out the video below!

Ever since this pair of wireless earbuds, I have been eagerly testing out situations to use them and listening to music has never been a more stress-free and happy event.

At School 
All within the grasp of your my hand
Getting out earphones from a vast bag can be very challenging, and untangling them even more so (especially when they are not in a casing or not connected to the phone!). But life is made easy when the earphones are in the form of wireless earbuds! Waiting for classes’ in-between and moving between classes while listening to music and carrying books (with no cumbersome wires to get in the way) at the same time is now possible.

At Work
Tucked neatly away for a recharge during lunch. Ready to be used after lunch~
The sound stabilizers and reduction are bliss! Now I can discreetly hide unwanted noise when a colleague with an overly boisterous voice gets too animated on the phone. The only down side to it is not hearing the boss call, but that is easily resolved by plugging in one side of the earbuds, leaving the other ear ‘open’.

On the Go (Car, Train, Bus... even shopping... why not?) 
If your hair is long enough, the earbuds are even 'hidden' away!
No more hindered by cumbersome wires to get in the way, listening to music and even answering phone calls is all at a press of a button (literally). When the phone rings on a crowded bus or train, gone is the pain of fumbling through the bag to search for the phone or even risk dropping the previous precious phone!

Walking the Dog
Even the dog seems to think so :)
How often is it that you can actually walk the dog while listening to music and not have the leash get caught up in the wire connecting the earphone to the phone (or music device)? Even answering the phone is much easier!

Besides the mundane things we do (above) in our lives, the earbuds are also good for traveling! Overseas trip here I come! Plane rides are never boring anymore, especially when flying budget. Not to mention listening to music while lugging that luggage can be a handful, but with the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 earbuds that handful maneuvering luggage, handbag and extended earphone wires are a thing of the past!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, in addition to wishing that the battery lifespan could last a little more longer without having to charge (that often), the phone call (sound) quality could improve (maybe it is just me but phone calls sound a tad 'hollow' and 'distant'), but that's secondary because music is what it's supposed to facilitate and it does it well. Unlike the phone call quality, music does not sound 'hollow' nor 'distant', the bass is pretty good and music is crisp and clear. Music sounds the best when the earbuds fit properly and noise is effectively (a little too effective sometimes) blocked out too! ^^

Want to get your hands on these complimentary? Well now you can.  Just answer 2 simple questions HERE! What are you waiting for?!

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