Just Sleep (Ximending)

Just Sleep (Ximending) is conveniently located near the Green-Blue Metro line, Ximending MRT Station, and just 1 stop away from the Taipei Main Station. From the Ximending MRT Station, via Exit 6 (not exit M6 of the station in the direction of the "Ximen Intelligent Library", the hotel is about a 5-10 minute walk up a flight of stairs and right next to a 7-Eleven Store. 

The hotel has 9 floors, but it shares the building with offices, and occupies the 1st and 5th to 9th floors. The room we stayed in was quite compact (but expected for a hotel of this caliber) for two persons (with a double bed).

Just Sleep (Ximending)
The comfy bed

Although compact, the room was comfortable enough and equipped with basic amenities such as 2 complimentary bottles of water (replenished everyday) and toiletries.

Just Sleep (Ximending)
The television, complimentary bottles of water and drinks displayed in an interesting way!

The bathroom had separate units for the shower and toilet, but there was hardly any space for hanging clothes in the bathroom. It is interesting to note that the shampoo/conditioner and bath gel were provided in dispenser-style pumps mounted onto the walls.

Just Sleep (Ximending)

We stayed in a room that had a balcony, but don’t expect any views given the location. Nonetheless, the décor of the room was quite modern and the bed was comfortable enough. The free WIFI access in rooms and internet access in the café were a convenient and nice to have feature. 

Just Sleep (Ximending)
View of the balcony

Having stayed here for almost a week, I really appreciated and like the fact that this hotel has a laundry room (located on the 6th floor) where you can do your own laundry. The laundry room closes at 9pm and there was always a queue when I was there. I am fine with the timing that the laundry room stays open as it might disturb the other guests if it were made available for 24 hours. In addition, almost all floors have vending machines. 

My stay at Just Sleep (Ximending) was pleasant: the staff were friendly and service was generally good (e.g. if you need plug adapter, just ask for it at the information counter). The only gripes were that not all of the staff could speak English and the breakfast options were limited (but who cares when you can just head out and grab some local Taiwan breakfast staples nearby?). The hotel also provides baggage storage. 

All in all, the hotel offered a good stay and value for money. 

Recommended: For those looking for accommodation (families, youths and young travelers) that is slightly more affordable without compromising on comfort and style. It might not be luxurious nor located in the heart of where all the action is, but it is adequate. Recommended for its excellent location, clean and modern room decor, and free WIFI! 

Not Recommended: For those who have walking difficulties (all those steps to climb and walking to do to the MRT Station), and those who want somewhere closer to the bustling activities of Ximending

Tip: Booking online would be a better option for good deals (if any).

Overall Rating:   

Just Sleep (Ximending) 
Address: No.41 Section 1 of Chung Hua Road , Taipei , Taiwan 

This guest post was brought to you by Sani Williams. 

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