Hotel Double One (Beitou)

While in Taipei, Taiwan, what should not be missed is the hotsprings, especially in winter! So to reward ourselves, we decided to have a short stay (just one night) at one of the hotels in XinBeitou or Beitou. Initially I wanted to stay at Grand View Resort, but the price was just too steep with it being peak season and all (it was also quite a last minute planned trip).

We finally settled for Hotel Double One, a quaint little hotel located away from the hustle and bustle in Beitou. Service was excellent: there is complimentary pickup from the MRT Station, and they even offered to drive us back to the Beitou MRT Station on the day that we left. If you are in a rush, they would also offer to pack your breakfast for you to take on the go. How thoughtful! Breakfast itself was a delight with foods such as beef noodles and fried crispy chicken (they were nice). 

We stayed only for a night but the room we got was spacious, clean and comfortable, with an ensuite hotsprings bath tub to enjoy in the cold winter; all set in very welcoming and homey décor- warm woods and shades of brown. There was free WIFI too which was a plus!

Hotel Double One Beitou
The comfy bed - the photo does not do it justice
Hotel Double One Beitou
Another  view of the comfy bed looking towards the entrance and bathroom
Hotel Double One Beitou
Bathroom entrance
Hotel Double One Beitou
Hotel Double One Beitou
The icing on the cake: the ensuite hotsprings tub!

Given that the rooms are limited and they want to maximize the use of the space, Hotel Double One also offers their rooms at hourly rates for those who just wish to enjoy/experience the hotsprings but not stay. However, unlike Grand View Resort, which has separate private rooms specially designed for those who just wish to enjoy/experience the hotsprings, the same guest rooms at Hotel Double One also function as a room for those who just wish to enjoy the hotsprings.

Unfortunately for us, during our short stay, the majority of guests who enjoyed the hotsprings instead of staying were couples. With so many couples coming and going, it gave off (to me at least) the vibe of being an “hourly” hotel, which slightly dampened the atmosphere. 

Nonetheless, despite that it was still an enjoyable stay and recommended for an affordable yet pleasant hotsprings experience.

Overall Rating:   

Hotel Double One Beitou
Address:11 Youya Rd. Beitou Dist, Taipei City , Taiwan 

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