Perfume Dance Café Taipei (跳舞香水)

Perfume Dance Café Taipei (跳舞香水)

This chic café is located at No. 104, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Rd , between Zhong Xiaofuxing and Zhong Xiaodunhua MRT station. It mainly attracts young female patrons looking for sweet delights and an interesting afternoon tea time. Besides desserts (e.g. honey toast, chocolate cakes, and waffles etc…), Perfume Dance Café also offers pasta and quesadillas during lunch time (11:30am-2:00pm) and sandwiches after 2:00pm. 

黑色幽默 @ NT$280
I guess I have not much (if not any) of a sweet tooth as I found the dessert I ordered too sweet to my liking. The presentation was pretty though and looked really appetizing. 

花園蔬菜薄餅 - Garden Vegetable Pancake
花園蔬菜薄餅 - Garden Vegetable Pancake @ NT$180
鮮釀水果冰茶 - Fresh Fruit Iced Tea
鮮釀水果冰茶 - Fresh Fruit Iced Tea @ NT$150
However, despite my overly saccharine experience I might go back again to try the items on the lunch menu, or just simply try the savory items instead. After all, the experience at Perfume Dance was fascinating: the waitresses were dressed like cute maids with Venetian masks covering part of their face, and the place was decorated with a Venetian masquerade theme. In addition, the service was good with friendly and enthusiastic waitresses. And for that service, comes a 10% service fee, which is not much really. 

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