MEDZS - Mediterranean Restaurant (Millenia Walk)

No, MEDZ is not the acronym for medication. MEDZ is actually a casual Mediterranean themed restaurant in Singapore. It has a concept similar to that of Marche where you go around the various stations located in the restaurant, make your order and the amount is charged to a card, which would be tallied up for payment upon leaving. There is no service charge, just GST (Goods Services Tax), but it is a restaurant, so don’t expect it to be that cheap. The average price per dish is about S$10++ and above. Credit cards are accepted.

I so happened to be at Millenia Walk and was looking for a place for dinner with my friend, SW. MEDZ is located on the first floor and was a little inconspicuous, having blended in with the surroundings too well (that or it was at night and we were too tired to realize it was a place we could eat at). Apparently this outlet at Millenia Walk is the restaurant’s second one, with the original outlet being at Orchard Central. The outfits that the waitresses wore were very interesting and a little Greek influenced with splashes of turquoise and gold, the ambiance was sleek and contemporary. 
MEDZS (Millenia Walk)
The dishes are prepared right before your eyes at the various’ live’ cooking stations, which is a refreshing concept. Once you have made an order at a station, you will be handed a device that would beep and vibrate when your dish is ready.

MEDZS (Millenia Walk)

There were so many to choose from: France , Spain , Italy , Greece , Turkey etc…Between the two of us we had a Margherita Pizza and a Pesto Chicken Calzone (stuffed pizza). Both were filling and delicious. The Margherita Pizza’s crust was just nice, thin and delectable, the edges were crispy and the toppings complimented the dough well. The Pesto Chicken Calzone was nicely done; it was neither hard nor dry. 

Margherita Pizza and a Pesto Chicken Calzone
Margherita Pizza and a Pesto Chicken Calzone
Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza which cost me S$15
Pesto Chicken Calzone
Pesto Chicken Calzone
MEDZ can seat 250 people and is split into 3 areas:
  1. Main dining section (inside)
  2. Alfresco spot (outside)
  3. Bar counter (inside) – called 5% and serves over 100 labels of premium and craft beers. There is also a screen which was projecting a soccer game when I was there.
In general, MEDZ at Millenia Walk makes a nice place just to hang out, especially if you have a big group of people who can’t decide what to eat and where to go for lunch/dinner. The dessert station looked good, but unfortunately we were not that hungry, so I definitely will be making my way there again one day to try out the other dishes!

For more photos on the decor of the restaurant, please go here
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MEDZ @ Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard#01-46/47/55/56
S (039596)
6337 7507

Opening hours

Sundays to Thursdays: 1130hrs – 0000hrs
Fridays to Saturdays: 1130hrs – 0100hrs

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