Kobayashi Cookies - The Taste Test

Kobayashi Cookies
These cookies were bought on a trip to Taiwan this year, and it is now time to reminisce the time spent there. Just thinking about the piping hot bell shape pancakes with butter, cream, custard and vanilla makes me want to go back there again (actually I just want to go on a holiday again)!

I tried the “cuter” assorted gift set. There were 4 types of cookies and most of them were nice. The only one that I did not like was the sesame cookies, they were hard and dry. Ok, on to the taste test:

Seaweed Cookies

 Kobayashi Seaweed Cookies
These cookies had a slight hint of seaweed, but contrary to the name is not savory at all with a tinge of sweetness. Compared to the “Cute” and “Roll” cookies, the texture was little heavier but still a delight to eat.

“Cute” Cookies

Don’t these cookies look cute? ^^ Cuteness aside, the taste reminded me a little of Kueh Bahulu (a type of local mini sponge-like cake): I guess the portion of sugar and butter, and cooking method (over heat) is a little similar. 

Kobayashi CookiesKobayashi Cookies
Kobayashi Cookies
Kobayashi Cookies
The texture is somewhat medium, light and crisp, with a nice crunch to them. It might be too plain for those who like stronger (sweeter) tasting cookies, but I think it is just nice for those who have slight or no sweet-tooth.

“Roll” Cookies

Kobayashi Cookies
These cookies are perfect for a light tea-time snack with tea. They had either strawberry or lemon cream filling in them, and were in the shape of sticks rather than your typical circular cookie shape. The texture was the lightest and almost melts in your mouth. The cream that was used to fill the cavity roll was not too thick and consistent in sweetness..

Sesame Cookies

Kobayashi Cookies
The Sesame Cookies were my least favorite. Appearances can be deceitful; they looked nice and substantial but ended up tasting dry and a little like chalk (not that I have eaten chalk, who would?). The texture of these cookies were the heaviest and not a pleasure to eat (for me at least).


Overall, the cookies were alright and given the variety, make a reasonably good gift for people who don’t really have a sweet-tooth and like subtle, light flavors. However, those who like stronger flavors may be disappointed with the subtle flavors that these cookies have to offer.
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  1. Good follow-up to your post on Kobayashi Cookies, Iceprinxess!

    Can be made more yummy if you include pics of these cookies broken before eating.
    Do you wish to link this taste review to your KCookies post I had linked?

    1. Hello :) Thank you TAlive. I know, but I was too happy eating the biscuits that I forgot to take a photo of them. Next time I'll try to remember. :p

      Sure I would be honoured to have it linked.

      Cheers ^^

  2. It's done. I've your Kobayashi Cookies taste review linked here:


    Like you, many more tourists will be happily enjoying their Kobayashi cookies gift..
    Have a lovely new November! :)

    1. Thank you and appreciated much!

      Have a lovely November too ^^