Learning a New Language - The Beginning

There are many reasons why people decide to pick up another language, but mostly it stems from an interest in the language one way or another. The latest trend, actually it has been for some time in Singapore, seems to be Korean (with the popularity of Kpop and Korean dramas and whatnot). Everywhere you end up in Singapore, there are nuances of the Korean influence with Psy’s "Oppa Gangnam Style" being the most prominent and reoccurring songs these days, playing somewhere in the background or someone sprouting Korean phrases. Schools that teach Korean are also sprouting across the tiny island of Singapore.

I have always had an interest in languages, but did not have the determination nor the discipline to see it through when it comes to self-studyng. Before, I wanted to learn French, to be able to converse with Luttisparrow & Co. (and the language sounds nice even if the meaning could be otherwise). But for all the podcasts that I have downloaded and discipline that I could muster, I only ended up with single words like 'merci beaucoup', 'château', 'soleil' etc… French classes are too far from where I stay so that did not help much in my determination, which somehow contributed to stalling the learning process. However, despite its temporary pause it will be picked up soon again (I hope).

So in order to get the ball rolling I have decided to learn a new language (finally!) properly in a school - Korean. Why Korean? Well, Kpop and dramas aside, I think learning the Korean language would be a pretty interesting hobby that would open up an entirely new worldview and perhaps perspective on things; meeting new friends and experiencing a somewhat different culture, and the fact that there’s a school nearby.
Besides learning Korean might come in handy if I want to visit South Korea for holiday or two in the future. I don’t want to study for the sake of studying anymore; I want to study for the sole purpose of enriching myself and enjoying it, everything else that comes along the way is just a bonus.
First Korean, than French and maybe a little German. Ok so maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but you just have to start somewhere somehow to get the momentum (or maybe it's just me). After all life is as interesting as you make it out to be, right?
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  1. Korean is so pretty, so sing-song. My sister is Korean, but she was adopted at 4 months, so apart from being drop-dead Korean gorgeous, she's as American as they come. ;-)

    PS I love learning languages.

    1. Korean is interesting. The experience learning another language has been enriching so far. :)