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While I am not much of a fan of denim shorts, I simply adore jeans. You can really never go wrong with denim jeans – there are so many shades of blue, colors, washes and treatments, not to mention cuts and high or low waist! The best part is that they are so easy to match with any top. No two jeans are the same: there’s boot cut, straight cut, flared legged, all the way down to everyone’s latest favorite – skinny jeans. The trend for Skinny jeans has been around for some time and it does look like it is going to go anywhere anytime soon. 

Boot Cut and Straight Cut jeans are what currently dominate my wardrobe, and I like them. They give off a long and lean look. However, I have been wanting to update it with a pair or two of Skinny jeans for some time already (must keep up with the current trends after all), but have not gotten around to actually doing so (constraints, constraints, constraints). 

What is all the fuss about Skinny jeans? Well, for one they adhere more to your body, which makes your thighs look slimmer, legs longer and your wonderful behind much much nicer (with the right cut of course). With the many different cuts (styles) available, there are more options to having that pair of flattering and slimming pair of jeans – the perfect pair just for you. Just see the below illusion for the many different types (styles) of Skinny jeans alone!

Refer to GUESS Denim Fit Guide for females and males.
Skinny jeans are made out of denim with high nylon/elastane material, which enables the jeans to separate and slim your thighs as it lifts your behind to create that shapely silhouette and elongate your legs. Thighs are drawn forward by the inseams, giving the illusion of slimmer and longer legs. Even the placement, size and shape of the pockets make your behind appear smaller. Who wouldn’t want a pair of jeans like that? I want (please pardon the Singlish)! ^^

Not only do Skinny jeans sound and look amazing, they are also easy to match to create your own unique outfit. To look taller, simply wear a wedge or high heels to elongate your legs. Of course, play with colors is important as well to give off that balanced look. For example, wearing a jacket that ends around your hip bone or those with peplums, or a baggy overall, will give the illusion of (having more of a) curve.

So no matter the jeans, whether it is straight, boot cut or skinny, if you look hard enough you can definitely find a pair that fits you best. That perfect pair of jeans should not only fit you, it should flatter your body type – making you look good no matter what. So if you are considering getting a pair of jeans, why not go for a quality one?

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