Platypus Family Kitchen @ Bugis Junction

Platypus Family Kitchen @ Bugis Junction

From Hippopotamus to Platypus, not of the animal variety but rather restaurants that serve up a western menu. Unlike the Hippopotamus Grill Restaurant which originates from France, the Platypus Family Kitchen @ Bugis Junction is a branch of the casual Mediterranean bistro, Platypus Test Kitchen, specializing in hand-made pastas and seasonal Mediterranean fare.

Happened to have dinner at this interesting restaurant over the weekend with a bunch of friends, and no, although it is named Platypus, there were no decorations of the sort. The interior décor was contemporary with warm colors and lighting, and comfortable chairs. The waiters/waitresses were friendly and service was prompt and efficient; a very pleasant experience indeed.

It so happened that the Platypus Family Kitchen @ Bugis Junction was having a promotion at the time, a Facebook promotion to be exact. All we had to do was like the Platypus Family Kitchen Facebook Page, show it to the waiter/waitress (the wonders of technology and 3G!) and you’ll get a free non-alcoholic drink of your choice, if you want the alcoholic ones I think you just need to top up an extra S$3.90 or so. And with that promotion, you also have the option to top up S$1 to get either a mushroom or pumpkin soup. Yummilicious indeed!

The menu is pretty extensive and had everything from risottos to all kinds of pastas. After much deliberation, I ordered the Truffle Carbonara together with the Pink Lemonade and topped up a S$1 for that pumpkin soup, while my friends had other the various menu items and mushroom soup.  it seemed that I was the only one that ordered pumpkin soup at our table.

Pink Lemonade
Pink Lemonade - it was nice and refreshing. Though some might find it a tad sour.

I only managed to take one other photo of other dish other than mine, the Spicy 'Diablo' Crab & Prawns. But overall, everyone’s order (all 20+ of us!) looked really good.

Platypus Family Kitchen @ Bugis Junction
Spicy 'Diablo' Crab & Prawns

The pumpkin soup was nice, but a little too sweet for my taste. I much prefer the French influenced one I had at C’est Bon in Beitou, Taipei. However, it is worth trying with the ongoing promotion, and it would taste good if you have not tried pumpkin soup before. Of course, you could always opt for the mushroom soup which was, according to my friends who chose it, full of mushroomy goodness!

Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin Soup
As for the Truffle Carbonara, as with all pasta items in this restaurant, the pasta was handmade. The portion was not large, but enough to fill you up and keep you happy. Shaved truffles accompanied the fresh pasta, creating a powerful, rich, complex, and earthly flavor. I won't say my pasta impressed me initially, but it did gradually grow on me.

Truffle Carbonara
Truffle Carbonara

Overall, it was a satisfying dining experience with (acceptable) good food, service and ambiance. I can see myself coming back again to try the other interesting creations on the menu. The pastas are reasonably priced, and with imported ingredients such as saffron, truffles and the like in most of the dishes, the prices of the dishes were reasonable - ranging from S$12-22++.

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