Klook Review: Taoyuan Airport Transfer Review

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If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable way to get to Taipei from Taoyuan Airport, then you can consider this offering from Klook. That is provided you are within the standard waiting time of 1 hr 30 minutes and are willing to pay NT$150 for every 30 minutes should there be any delay.

In addition, there might be some additional charges to the outskirts, so do read the terms and conditions before booking. But generally, it should be more cost effective and direct option than taking a hotel’s airport transfer or public transport. If we had taken a taxi from the airport, it would have cost around NT$1,200. So with Klook, we managed to save NT$200 (S$13~) which is about 16% in savings; the ride cost us S$39.30 (about NT$900). So it was worth it.

The Experience

It was a crazy wait at immigration (almost an hour) coupled with the fact that our landing was delayed by a good 15 minutes, and DramaQueen’s toilet break, with all the excitement I had actually forgotten to turn on my mobile phone, so all attempts by the driver to contact me was futile. DramaQueen did hear an announcement calling for us while she was in the restroom though. So the moment she (finally) emerged, we made a run for it to the arrivals, where the driver was waiting for us.
Tip: The moment you land, turn on your mobile / Wi-Fi for communication purposes for a smoother experience.
The driver was relieved when he saw us and told us that if we were 2 minutes later, we would have had to pay the waiting charges. 😱 While he was getting the car, I went to collect the SIM Card which was nearby the gate the car was waiting at.

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I would have preferred that we could have input the time we would like the driver to arrive upon booking, rather then be limited to a preset default where they use the flight number as a reference and give you a default waiting time of 1 hour 30 minutes. It does not factor in flight and immigration delays, which could easier go over the given amount of time (starting from the supposed landing time).

But other than that little boo boo, I am thankful that it all worked out fine and that the driver was amicable enough to wait for us. He even reassured us that we should get the SIM cards and meet him at the waiting area. He even helped us with loading and off-loading the luggage to/from the boot, which was a nice gesture.

Overall, the ride was pleasantly smooth, and we reached our hotel, Orange Hotel Ximen, in under an hour (about 45 minutes). I would highly recommend this option for those who want a direct cost-effective transport from Taoyuan Airport into the city and minimize any miscommunication with your driver (in case you no speak Mandarin) as your destination is already provided/confirmed before your trip. Of course, remember to turn on your mobile when you land to save yourself the drama. 😅

Do note that this review is only that of the Sedan Taoyuan Airport Transfers (TPE) for Taipei using Klook, and not on all options and activities that are available on Klook. When booking, please conduct your own research before booking anything. If you are interested in seeing what deals you can snag, do visit Klook!

If you are not yet a member at Klook, sign up here and get S$4.30 off your first transaction! 😊

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