Klook Review: 5 Day 'Unite Traveler' SIM Card (Taipei)

Since the return flight is early in the morning, it saves time as there is no need to return the SIM card, unlike a Wi-Fi router, where you have to return the device. For 5 days, it coast about $$13 for unlimited data with NT$50 worth of local calls.The data actually lasted us till our 6th day, on our departure day, which was a really handy for last minute Googling and WhatsApp. 😆


Locating the booth right was relatively easy, once you get pad the countless of other similar booths at the arrival hall. To get to the booth, you would have to turn right after exiting customs and walk further down before turning right again at the end. It is the second booth further down.
Klook: 5 Day 'Unite Traveler' SIM Card Review
The booth

Due to the delay at immigration (and DramaQueen's 10 minute toilet break 😂😅),  we almost had to pay an extra NT$300 for for our airport transfer, but we made it by a mere two minutes. So given the slight drama, it was a little 'exciting 'having to locate the correct counter, but find it I did.

Once you find the booth, redemption is easy. All you need to do is show the mobile voucher, let the counter staff verify the voucher, hand over your passport for them to take a copy, sign the acknowledgement form and collect the card. The entire process (not inclusive of waiting time) takes about 5 minutes; it was hassle free as there was practically no queue.

The counter girl even gave me the MRT map and discount coupons for Taipei 101; very service orientated! 

Klook: 5 Day 'Unite Traveler' SIM Card Review
A quick snap of the counter while the staff was getting the forms
Klook: 5 Day 'Unite Traveler' SIM Card Review
The 5-day SIM cards with unlimited data
Klook: 5 Day 'Unite Traveler' SIM Card Review
Easy installation and activation (it helps that I have a two SIM andriod phone too 😛)

💚 Recommended: This is a must-get especially if you are visiting Taiwan for a short period of time. It is not only hassle free and affordable, the connection was stable and good outside of Taipei as well (Jiufen, Shifen, Beitou etc...). It is cheaper then getting a Wi-Fi router, and good for those on a solo trip. You can even share it as a hotspot if you are traveling in a pair. 👍👍👍

Do note that this review is only that of the 5 Day 'Unite Traveler' SIM Card using Klook, and not on all options and activities that are available on Klook. When booking, please conduct your own research before booking anything.interested in seeing what deals you can snag, do visit Klook!

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