Travel Thoughts: Last Minute Feasting in Mongkok and some dessert at Mum's Desert Shop

Colorful buildings in the neighborhood

True to its agenda, we made a last attempt effort to feast on this Hong Kong food excursion on our last day. After a satisfying breakfast of fish goodness at Mui Kee Congee at the Flower Market, we even managed to do some last minute shopping at Ladies Market before heading back to our hotel, Dorsett Mongkok, to pack our goodies and check out. 

I love the location of our hotel! Not only did we get to do so much in the morning before checking out, even when we checked out there was a few hours to spare before our airport transfer arrived. So we left our luggage at the concierge and went out exploring again. As our luggage were all packed, the only space we could fill (yet again) was out stomachs! ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚

Let the adventure begin!
We only ventured one or two streets within the vicinity, but it was a jam-packed experience. I even managed to find a pet shop and bought some goodies for the puppy! 

Look at that face full of bliss!

Ok, back to the topic of food. Once I was done with buying the dog goodies, we tried some local delights - Steamed Rice Cake with red beans #็ผฝไป”็ณ•, a popular snack in Hong Kong. They usually come in either a white or brown color depending on whether brown sugar is used. I wasn't particularly a fan but it's perfect for those who are fond of steamed / warm desserts. The sweetness was perfect; not too sweet.

We tried the plain one, the one with brown sugar and sesame flavor.
Street food

Next, we stumbled upon this little dessert shop, Mum's Dessert Shop. I have always been intrigued with Chinese to English translation because they never really mean the same thing. An example would be Mum's Dessert Shop, with the  Chinese characters literally meaning "Little Sister's Sweet Desserts". ๐Ÿ˜‚

Mum's Dessert Shop Mongkok
Mum's Dessert Shop Mongkok
Mum's Dessert Shop Mongkok
Mum's Dessert Shop Mongkok Menu
Mum's Dessert Shop Mongkok
The interior
Mum's Dessert Shop Mongkok
A warm dessert with a hard boiled egg. dates and other things they use to boil the dessert such as beans, louts seeds etc...
Mum's Dessert Shop Mongkok
Glutinous rice balls each stuffed with red bean paste, sesame paste and peanut paste dosed in a sweetened ginger concoction.
Mum's Dessert Shop Mongkok
Fruits served atop herbal jelly and dosed in milk.

With our stomachs filled, it was time to head back to catch our airport transfer to the airport.

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