Klook Promo Codes

Here are some promo codes you can use for your bookings via Klook:
If you are not yet a member at Klook, sign up here and get S$4.30 off your first transaction! 😊

  • HK$10  Only valid on APP <MOBILE10>
  • ζ»‘400-50 Applicable Platform: All <2020ηŽ―ζΈΈδΈ–η•Œ>
  • 全球1000ε…ƒι€šη”¨ζ—…θ‘ŒεŸΊι‡‘ Applicable Platform: All <CNCAMPUS>
  • 全球500ε…ƒι€šη”¨ζ—…θ‘ŒεŸΊι‡‘ Applicable Platform: All <2020ηŽ―ηƒζ—…θ‘Œ>
  • 500 JPY OFF for New Users 500 JPY OFF coupon code. Applicable to new users only. <KLJPNUC>
  • 10% OFF selected domestic attractions <JPKLOOK>
  • Limited Offers 15% off Thai Activities up to 250 baht with minimum spending of 1,000 baht for JCB Credit Card Holders only <JCBTH15>

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