The Spaghetti House (Hong Kong Airport)

The Spaghetti House (Hong Kong Airport)

After our somewhat light meal at Maxim's Jade Garden Restaurant, with our luggage all checked in and flight tickets in hand, we were eager to head toward our departure gate only to see the departure board and realize that our flight had been delayed for a good hour.

Hong Kong Airport
Delayed flight

So with nowhere really left to go (and most of our shopping already done), we found ourselves at yet another food establishment. For what it's worth, The Spaghetti House was a nice reprieve from the bustling and noisy food court nearby (which was fully occupied and had no more available seats), and the price reasonable enough.  The service was also so much more better than Jade Garden, we were instantly seated and the waitress was friendly and our order was taken with a smile on her face too. 

The Spaghetti House (Hong Kong Airport)
The interior
The Spaghetti House (Hong Kong Airport)
View of our table while waiting for the food to arrive

There was quite a variety of food on the menu, but as we had just eaten we opted to share the platter, along with some drinks while waiting for the time to draw closer to board our flight.

The Spaghetti House (Hong Kong Airport)
The platter that we shared
The Spaghetti House (Hong Kong Airport)
Iced tea, pineapple and carrot juice


The Spaghetti House may not be a posh restaurant with an extensive menu or sophisticated dishes, but it is one of the best options at the airport (especially if the food court nearby is fully occupied): service is fast, interior is pleasant, and prices are reasonable.
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