Metro Hotel: Shopper’s Choice Room Video Tour

Metro Hotel: Shopper’s Choice Room Video Tour

As its name implies, the Shopper’s Choice room type is the perfect choice for the shopaholics: the little platform stage and 3 way full body length mirrors make a perfect little runway to admire all those new buys (particularly clothes); admiring it from all angles. The décor of the room, though simple, was quite pleasant to the eyes with elements of cuteness in the form of the tree/plant/cartoon pillows adorning the beds.

Here's a quick tour of the room. Read more about our stay experience: [Shopper's Choice Room Review]

Sleep Quality

Overall Experience:

[Shopper's Choice Room Review]

Metro Hotel, Myeongdong (Seoul)

Address: 14, Myeongdong 9ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul-si
서울특별시 중구 명동9가길 14 (을지로2가)

Booking: Via the website OR online for a better pricing (Who knows? You might find an attractive rate especially if you book online. 😜)

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