Fung Shing Restaurant (凰城酒家) for Dim Sum, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Fung Shing Restaurant (凰城酒家)
Dim sum feast!

The day began with a dim sum feast at Fung Shing Restaurant (凰城酒家) in Tsim Sha Tsui.  But first we had to get there. It seemed like a relatively easy task, take the MTR, alight at the right stop and walk over to South Seas Centre. But it turned out to be an adventure as we tried to located the South Seas Centre building, even with the aid of Google Maps. 😅

Eventually after entering the wrong building and more walking we finally arrived at our destination. The restaurant is one of many branches, and this branch is located in the basement of an inconspicuous building known as South Seas Centre. From the moment we descended the stairs, it was an onslaught of very dated (80s) gaudy Chinese decor and color scheme. It was as if we had taken a step back in time and were about to attend a Chinese wedding dinner.

The setup of the restaurant is very banquette-like, with tables arranged around a center feature and in front of a stage. I could almost hear the invisible boisterous "yam sengs" throughout the place just by looking at it. 

It was a quiet morning and just before the lunch hour, so the restaurant was pretty empty with just a few tables seated with locals. The menu arrived, and the experts at Cantonese started ordering away: fritters, rice rolls, dumplings, carrot cake, crispy roasted pork etc... Our table was soon filled with food!

Fung Shing Restaurant (凰城酒家)
Simple yet yummy rice rolls
Fung Shing Restaurant (凰城酒家)
Succulent yet crispy roasted pork!
Fung Shing Restaurant (凰城酒家)
The yummy food! A nice reward for walking so much early in the morning.
Fung Shing Restaurant (凰城酒家)
Pig trotters in vinegar: lots of collagen but it really wasn't my thing.

As our food arrived, there was a group of tourists brought by a tour guide, and they soon filled up the somewhat empty  restaurant. But that did not distract us from feasting on the food as they arrived one by one on our table. We polished the food as they came, and almost forgot to take any photos. But here you go a video compilation of our little dim sum feast:

Overall, it was  pleasant and yummlicious dinning experience. The service rendered was acceptable, and the food was not only served deliciously piping hot and fresh, they were also pretty authentic. It also helped that the prices are also quite reasonable. Definitely worth a visit.

Fung Shing Restaurant (凰城酒家), Tsim Sha Tsui

Basement, South Seas Centre, 75 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Exit D1, Hung Hom MTR Station
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