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We got our room effortlessly upon arrival and were soon checked-in and given the key cards.  Our room was on the 8th floor. The room was really spacious and clean; brightly lit and tidy. Compared to our previous stay at a smaller room in Hong Kong, the space was simply spacious! [Shopper’s Choice Room Video Tour]

Metro Hotel: Shopper’s Choice Room
Shopper's Choice Room

As its name implies, the Shopper’s Choice room type is the perfect choice for the shopaholics: the little platform stage and 3 way full body length mirrors make a perfect little runway to admire all those new buys (particularly clothes); admiring it from all angles. The décor of the room, though simple, was quite pleasant to the eyes with elements of cuteness in the form of the tree/plant/cartoon pillows adorning the beds.

Metro Hotel: Shopper’s Choice Room
Comfortable and clean beds

The beds were comfortable and were double singles, so there was definitely more space to turn when sleeping. I know I had a pleasant sleep each night, and was fully recharged for the next day (every day). So much so that I slept in one morning and willing gave breakfast a miss, while C went down to get her hearty breakfast fix. 😂

Another nice touch was the bench behind the door, which is next to the wardrobe upon entering the room. It made for a good place to sit to remove or wear footwear; no more balancing on one foot or siting on the bed (a distance away from the door)!

Metro Hotel: Shopper’s Choice Room
The view facing the door

Power points were plentiful and the one next to the beds were perfect for charging devices at a convenient distance. The little platform above the bed also made for a good place for placing the devices. The only downside is that you’d need your international plug for certain devices still, unlike some other hotels where the power points themselves are international points that do not require an external international plug.

Metro Hotel: Shopper’s Choice Room
The bed with a power point by the side and the window (which didn't really have much of a view).

The flat screen TV was adequate in size, and the channels, though not plentiful, were sufficient to entertain us (since we were out most of the time). It was quite an experience catching up on some familiar dramas without the luxury of English subtitles. We had to guess or use our imagination based on what we saw or previously watched (they were showing “The Goblin” at nights).

Since it was a pretty cold autumn season, it was good to know that the aircon had a heating function as well. However, we never needed to use to heating function we hardly as it was quite warm indoors, we used the cooling function instead. For those prone to cough due to the dry air, the room also came with an air purifier/humidifier which was really useful and much appreciated.

The bathroom was also spacious (enough) and squeaky clean. There was a bathtub, with a shower attached as well. Water pressure was good and it was easy to manage the water temperature.

Metro Hotel: Shopper’s Choice Room
The bathroom
Metro Hotel: Shopper’s Choice Room
Clean and sparkling bathroom
Metro Hotel: Shopper’s Choice Room
Shampoo and body wash is provided in a decent container size instead of the miniature bottles you find in most hotels. Although you would not be able to bring away the shampoo and body wash, the hotel does sell them so you can take them home with you if you love the scent.
Metro Hotel: Shopper’s Choice Room
Towels and bathroom amenities.

Housekeeping was consistent throughout our 5 nights there. Bottled water, tea bags, coffees, towels are replenished daily consistently.

Metro Hotel: Shopper’s Choice Room
The safe, room slippers, touch light etc...

Although the reception is not 24 hours, when the reception staff is not around, the security uncles at the ground floor double up as concierge and receptionist during the nights. Our new friend from Taiwan had been out the whole day shopping with us in Myeongdong and needed to catch a taxi to her AirBnB accommodation with her cosmetics laden luggage. We approached the security guard uncle for assistance and he helped book a taxi, and loaded the luggage onto the taxi. He made an extra effort to tell the driver and even went an extra mile to communicate with the AirBnB host to ensure that she got to the right destination. Now that is really leaving an impression.

Another pleasant encounter was when C and I were panicking whether our luggage had exceeded the 23kg limit set by Korean Airlines. So we made our way down after some frenzied packing after midnight to inquire of there was a weighing machine we could use. There was. Fortunately (and miraculously) we were still well within the limit; with all the cosmetics, bags, clothes and books we bought. When it was time for check-out, the process was just as smooth and easy as when we had checked-in.

Overall, it was an enjoyable and pleasant stay. It would have been better if there were more smiles at the reception but the service rendered was still acceptable, the interior decor was pleasant and cleanliness maintained. The night duty security uncles definitely did an excellent job and enhance the stay experience further. That said, besides its ideal location in Myeongdong, the rates available for Metro Hotel is definitely comparable with staying at an AirBnB accommodation (sans guesthouses and hostels), especially when you are traveling in a group of 2 or more (the family rooms can accommodate more guests). I would definitely stay here again for my next trip to Seoul! 

[Shopper’s Choice Room Video Tour]

Sleep Quality

Overall Experience:

Metro Hotel, Myeongdong (Seoul)

Address: 14, Myeongdong 9ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul-si
서울특별시 중구 명동9가길 14 (을지로2가)

Booking: Via the website OR online for a better pricing (Who knows? You might find an attractive rate especially if you book online. 😜)

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