Supper at Noryangjin Fish Market

After a day out visiting the beautiful Secret Garden of Chandeokgung Palace and exploring the Bukchon Village, it was time to head to the Noryangjin Fish Market where all the fresh seafood was awaiting us.

Noryangjin Fish Market
Seafood galore!
Note: Noryangjin Fish Market (a.k.a Fisheries Wholesale Market) is a 24-hour wholesale fish market which opens 7 days a week. It is Seoul’s oldest and largest indoor seafood market, housing over 700 vendors with fish brought in daily from fishing ports all over (South) Korea. You can find on display hundreds of edible underwater delicacies ranging from sea cucumbers, crabs, salmon, octopus to sea bass etc... Basically a seafood paradise!! Even if you aren’t a fish monger looking for the freshest catch of the day, this market is still worth a visit: you not only get bargain-priced seafood, but also get to eat super fresh seafood!

We took the subway from Bukchon Village and alighted at the Noryangjin subway station. From there we met up with 박선생님 and walked to Noryangjin Fish Market. It was just a less than 10 minute walk away from the station. Coincidentally, this visit to Noryangjin Fish Market was also the first for 박선생님. Even though she is Korean and lives in Seoul, she told us that she has not yet visited the market before! So she did a lot of research and managed to find us a good restaurant.

Noryangjin Fish Market
The floor is a little wet so watch where you walk
Tip: Dress appropriately as the floor is wet and things can be a bit messy/dirty. So don't wear best shoes and clothes when you visit the at the hotel Noryangjin Fish Market.

I can’t remember which stall it was because the moment we entered the market, it was a flurry of fishy displays and vendors promoting their wares. The experience can be a little overwhelming with the (somewhat) touting and large area of the market. But thankfully we just followed 박선생님, who was busy picking out the fish for our supper while we we gawking at seafood that surrounded us.

Noryangjin Fish Market
'Live' Seafood
Noryangjin Fish Market
more 'live' seafood
Noryangjin Fish Market
and even more 'live' seafood

When she was done with the selection, we were brought behind the market to a restaurant which served our seafood selection. 

Noryangjin Fish Market
On route to the restaurant....
Noryangjin Fish Market
Finally the restaurant... just up those stairs...

Before entering the restaurant, we had to remove our shoes and place them in a shoe bag that was provided to us. After which we carried the shoe bag with us to our table.

The restaurant had a simple layout with mats and tables. As there were no chairs, diners have to sit on the floor be it crossed legged or kneeling. There was little gap between the tables, just enough for 1-2 persons at a time to walk, so it might be uncomfortable for those who are claustrophobic. Thankfully our table was at the corner of the room where I could lean against the wall when my legs got tired. What can I say… I am not that used to sitting on the floor for more than 1 hour and eat at the same time. So it was quite an experience.

The restaurant was bustling with activity: it was a Friday night so it was packed with a lot of people who were there after work or school treating themselves to a seafood feast to usher in the weekend. The table next to us was a group of high school girls in their uniforms eating a delicious looking crab stew and playing games.

It took less than 15 minutes for our food to arrive, because it was (mostly) sashimi (raw) style! There was fresh salmon, scallop, cooked prawns and 2 other types of fish (which I have no idea what they were but still delicious nonetheless). The pieces of fish were fresh and did not have any strong fishy smell. Eaten together with the soya sauce and wasabi, it was sashimi heaven! The wasabi was not as spicy as the Japanese type and complimented well with the pieces of fish and soya sauce, perfect for those wanting to venture into a spicy adventure but afraid of the fieriness. There were even corn kibbles as a side (a bonus).

Noryangjin Fish Market
Raw fish!! Yum yum!
Noryangjin Fish Market
Prawns, scallop with some sushi and a little corn kibble on the side
Noryangjin Fish Market
Vegetable wrap for the fish slices, which is to be dipped in the sauces (chili, soya sauce, wasabi etc...)
Noryangjin Fish Market
The sauces!

It was here that we were introduced a new drink, soju mixed with Korean beer! It was surprisingly good: the Korean beer brought down the strong alcoholic taste of soju, giving it a slightly sweet flavor. Coupled together with the seafood, it was a perfect combination!

Noryangjin Fish Market
We chatted and ate throughout the night till it was around 11 at night before making our way back. We had actually wanted to go grab some coffee and continue, but 박선생님 had to teach the next day so we gave up the idea. All in all, a satisfying day with us eating almost the whole day. v(^u^)v

Noryangjin Fish Market

Address: 13-8, Noryangjin-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Phone: +82 2-814-2211

How to Get there?

Subway: Alight at Noryangjin subway station (Line 1/Blue Line or Line 9/Dark Yellow Line). Exit the station (look for signs for the Fish Market) and take the stairs leading upstairs to a foot bridge across the railroad tracks. After crossing the footbridge, head to the right and follow signs to a stairway leading down to ground level and from there you can enter the warehouse.

Noryangjin Fish Market
Take Exit 1 from Noryangjin subway station
Noryangjin Fish Market
Follow the sign
Noryangjin Fish Market
Entering the warehouse/Noryangjin Fish Market

Opening Hours

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Early morning wholesale seafood auctions start around 1:00am and auctions end around dawn.

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