From Singapore to Seoul: Ways to Maximize Your Cash When You DIY


Travel should be something to be enjoyed. Being on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean being (as) cheap (as possible) and spend as little money as possible. You can still enjoy your travel if you maximize your cash for an optimum travel experience; to get the most out of an experience for as less as possible (e.g. comfort vs cost). Sometimes the difference between comfort (and convenience) and a cheaper cost (sans the 'luxury') might not be so cheap after all. And with the slight difference (most of the time) between the 2 (in cost), the former may be the more 'economical' choice.

  1. Flight 
  2. Accommodation
  3. Transportation
  4. Print ‘em Discount Vouchers!
  5. Tax Refund

This list might probably grow. Who knows? What are your ways of maximizing your cash when you are on holiday? Do share!

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