From Singapore to Seoul: Ways to Maximize Your Cash When You DIY (Accommodation)

Alternative Accommodation
Once you have decided on your flight, the next bulk of expenses would come from accommodation. Depending on your priorities, you might want to splurge a little more on a cozy hotel, or save money and stay in a hostel. Ever since discovering AirBnb, it is now one of the first places I look to for accommodation (especially when traveling to Seoul). There are guesthouses, homestays, hostels and apartments for rent. And frankly speaking the prices (on AirBnb) are a lot more value for money than staying in a hotel (unless your budget is expandable). I’d say that the offerings on AirBnb are between a hotel and hostel price-wise, as for the quality of your accommodation, that really depends on your choice of abode and budget.

If AirBnb is not your thing, you can look for alternative accommodation from Kozaza and BnbHero as well. Depending on what you are interested to do, the location you stay at might vary according to your preferences (e.g. night life, shopping, palaces etc…).

Tip: If you are looking to stay for more than a week or so, it is likely that the hosts will offer discounts for long stays. So don’t forget to ask!

As long as you are near a subway station you are pretty much good to go. With such alternative accommodation, be prepared to pay an average of about S$40-180++ per person per night, which may or may not include breakfast (but that is not much of an issue because food can be found abundantly); definitely includes free WiFi.

AirBnB Experiences:
AirBnB: Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
Seoul Mansion Guesthouse  ©
Seoul Mansion Guesthouse (Twin Room)
If you still think that staying in a hotel is safer and better, than you would be happy to know that starting this year you can now stay in (accredited) hotels and still get a tax refund off your stay if you stay 3 nights or more! All you need to do is to check the Korean Tourism Website: Visit Korea and compare the prices on Hotellook.

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