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After the visit to N Seoul Tower, we were about to conclude for the night, but these pretty balls (which turn out to be Schneballen - a German cookie) caught my attention at the Myeongdong (subway) Station. All that walking and the cold cool spring breeze whetting the appetite (a little), we decided to buy two balls of Schneballen back to try. The flavors of our choice (cinnamon and another which I can’t remember) were bagged, but before we could leave with our goodies, we were handed a mini wooden mallet: we were supposed to use the mallet to smash the ball as much as possible (since it is pretty hard, breaking it down into tiny pieces helps in savoring it). 

The balls were interestingly crunchy hard (thank goodness we had broken them into smaller pieces; I can’t imagine biting into something so hard as a whole - think fried batter, only harder). They tasted alright and were pretty nice (for a snack).

With our tummies filled, all that was left to do was to pack our luggage for our return trip back to Singapore the next day.

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