Life is all about choices. Making choices that you don't regret can be considered the rights choices, but even when the choices you make end up in regret that does not mean that they were the wrong ones - they were just stepping stones to lead you to the right one. Being comfortable with who you are and doing what you think is right defines who you are.

After a walk with my dog, I stumbled upon a poor little bird that was injured. It seemed to have either fallen from above, either hit by a killer litter bug's plastic bag or it was in the bag when it landed. But whichever it was, the poor bird was injured. It was a mental struggle as I debated internally if I should approach it to see if there was anything I could do or leave it alone and go about my business. If I left... Read more>>
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When travel collides with a byte, a unit of information made up of bits, TravelBytez is formed: snippets of ramblings on travel, food, shopping, living and anything else that comes to mind.


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