What time is it?

In life, it seems that everything has a season. Whether we like (to believe) it or not, there seems to be a season for everything. It is akin to trees and how they grow: from a seedling, to a sapling, than a tree slowly but surely being anchored to the ground with its roots. How strongly it stays rooted and how well it grows can be attributed to its external environment.

In retrospective, just as each individual understands and matures at a different pace, different tree species have different tolerances to drought and cold. Two individuals can have entirely different reactions to the same situation yet co-exist, even grow/mature (or not). But that should not be taken for granted. Trees, which tend to have the same or similar species growing in the same environment, tend to have the same reaction the the season they are preparing for and enter. However, there are much more variables when it comes to humans. One person entering a particular season in life... Read more>>
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