The Garden Slug… of the Café Variety

The Garden Slug

It was a graduation dinner of sorts and the venue for the night was at The Garden Slug, a café tucked away (and a little out of the way – super inconvenient if you do not have a car) in a quiet neighborhood, with a homey feel to it. It was close to dinner time and the place was somewhat packed with people, the majority being my group of friends (about 40 of us!) to celebrate said graduation.

The Garden Slug
Homey colored walls

The items on the menu were pretty extensive and it was a challenge having to decide what to order. However, that was made simple with both waiter and waitress, who attended to us, every ready to recommend the café’s specialties.

The Garden Slug

At my side of the table, there were pastas, burgers, steaks, buffalo wings and dessert. 

The Garden Slug
Onion soup which was apparently very nice and full of oniony goodness!
The Garden Slug
The buffalo wings
The Garden Slug
The Garden Slug
Platter to share
The Garden Slug

I don’t remember the pricing for any of the foods except my own bolognaise spaghetti, which was S$17.80 (or was it S$17.90?). The meat was manually compressed and then fried separately before being added to the sauce, which gave the meat (I think it was chicken…. Or was it beef?) its own distinct taste that blended well with the tomato based bolognaise sauce with hints of mushroom. I also managed to try a bit of the Pumpkin and Shrimp Pasta, and it sure had the wholesome goodness of pumpkin alright (so much so that some might find it a tad too pumpkin-ly sweet). It would have been better that the pumpkin was cut into smaller cubes instead of big chunks.

The Garden Slug
Bolognaise spaghetti
The Garden Slug
Pumpkin and Shrimp Pasta

Overall, the (two) pastas (I ate and tried) exuded home-style cooking which was simple in presentation and taste. The average price at this café is just as much as that of affordable restaurants (e.g. Platypus Kitchen). But given it’s out of the way location and distance from any form of transport (unless you drive) the pricing seems to be a little less value for money. Sure, the portions are reasonable but for the same price range, eating at Platypus Kitchen (which has a somewhat similar menu) somehow seems like a more satisfying and happier affair (perception is a funny thing).

Given our large group, service was commendable as orders were efficiently taken down in a smiley and friendly manner. Food ordered was served within a reasonable amount of time (with a tinge of warmness to it too), just in time to fill that empty tummy. And after the meal, feedback was also enquired on their part; a good initiative to improve the food and service.

Having said all that, still…. if you ever happen to find yourself in the neighborhood, I would recommend the tiramisu. It was very nice (just the right consistency and not too sweet too) and really the most memorable item of the night!
The Garden Slug
Dessert! Tiramisu, with a brownie disguised as a popsicle, sear pear with yogurt, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream with strawberries and grapes on the side.

The Garden Slug

55 Lorong L Telok Kurau,
#01-59/61 Bright Centre
Singapore 425500

Operation Hours
Mon-Tue 6-10pm | Wed-Thu 10am-10pm
Fri-Sun 9am-10pm | PH 9am-10pm
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