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Petopia is an integrated Holistic Pet Wellness Centre in Singapore, providing pet grooming, spa, therapy and pet hotel services. Some months back I happened to Google this place while looking for an alternative solution for my dog’s skin condition. He has sensitive skin and due to the itch he would bite himself raw, resulting in some bald spots. He also used to smell, and not in a nice way. This place was featured on TV once, so I guess that left an impression enough that I went to Google it up. We have been going there for a couple of months and I felt that I just have to give this cool place a review. ^^

Although Petopia is a business, it has a commendable culture for caring for the animals and actually knows what it is doing. It definitely isn’t your run-of-the-mill grooming or boarding house; which is rare to find in Singapore – the level of professionalism and care is unprecedented (to me at least). While the staff are friendly and enthusiastic, they are not pushy and don’t try to ‘convince’ you that you must buy their products – something I appreciate and like. Petopia even has its own adorable doggie mascots (all 5 of them) to make you, I mean your dog feel right at home!

Petopia is located at Jalan Kelulut, near Yio Chu Kang road. It is not in such a convenient location but it is manageable. If you have no transportation or find it a little out of the way, Petopia even has its own transportation to ferry your dog back and forth, at a small fee which varies on the location of the pick up.

From the grooming to the spa and even the boarding (hotel), everything is an open concept. With glass panels acting as barriers, you can see what is going on. For the boarding, they even have a live feed where you can view your dog via the webcam.

We haven’t tried the grooming or the boarding (they also have daycare), so I cannot comment on those services. What we did try was the spa package of the micro bubble bath and clay pack with infrared for my dog’s sensitive skin. As you can see from the photos, his fur is growing and skin is getting better. He scratches a lot lesser too these days and smells much better.

As his condition was a little serious he is doing two treatments: the Microbubble Bath together with Clay Pack Infrared Therapy Treatment, which takes up about an hour and a half of our time. So if you get bored of waiting, you could always do a little shopping. Petopia mostly imports stuff from Japan and they even have their own range of shampoo and skincare for dogs!

Ok so it is not that cheap but I think it is worth the money to see his skin get better and the dog enjoying himself (occasionally)… I mean look at that face…

Microbubble Bath

The microbubble bath is a technology from Japan that separates the water molecules into nano-sized particulars that can remove dirt from the dog’s fur.

Clay Pack Infrared Therapy Treatment

This treatment apparently treats a wide range of skin conditions and had beneficial therapeutic affects (e.g. relief of skin inflammations, reduction in muscle stiffness and pain, lessening of body odor etc...)

So in conclusion, if you want a pampering session for your beloved furry friend (and you have the budget for it), Petopia is a place I would recommend (because my dog enjoys it so much)! In fact, after his trips there, he is starting to become more sociable with other dogs (his size). Petopia occasionally has promotions so those are worth looking out for.

More about the spa treatments can be found at the website


26 Jalan Kelulut, Seletar Hills Estate, Singapore 809043  | Facebook


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