Singtel Bridge DataRoam Unlimited: Taiwan (3 days)

After the disappointing DataRoam service during my trip to Paris (France), I decided to give it one more try when I went to Taipei (Taiwan). In a previous post I mentioned that the price increased: I was planning on getting the 5 day plan at the previous rate of S$60, but changed to 3 days for S$42. The new rate for 5 days Taiwan is S$70, which I feel is really not worth it, not to say that the plan for 3 days is any more worthwhile. If the plan included some free call time or a better discount for making phone calls, then perhaps I would recommend this service, otherwise there is nothing much to this sparse service.

Taiwan Mobile is Singtel’s Taiwan bridge partner. The 3G connection was ok in Taipei, better than it was in Paris and generally good. There were no instances of the network getting lost and undetectable, like in Paris , and it was generally fast.

The only good thing about this plan is the convenience it provides, it saves you the hassle of having to use another phone or getting a new SIM card and replacing it on your mobile phone. Another good point would be that you can access 3G anytime and anywhere, but that is also the same if you were to get a local SIM card with 3G capabilities. So it depends on what you prefer.

After this trip I feel that unless you really need 3G to check your email and stuff on-the-go all the time, you can do without this service and use free WiFi where available (e.g. hotels, hotspots etc…), or get a local SIM card if you want to make any phone calls / access 3G when you are away from Singapore. DHETXV76U9PR

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