Octa Hotel (Café) - Singapore

Octa Hotel (Café) - Singapore

When one of my friends suggested we dine at Octa Hotel, located at level 1 of Parco Shopping Mall, I wasn’t sure if it was a hotel (don’t recall one there) or eatery. I didn’t bother searching up or asking what kind of place it was. I just went and it turns out that the Octa Hotel is not really a hotel per se as its name would have you believe, but a concept café with a French influence from Japanese perspective. Octa Hotel did not originate from France but from Japan, where it has over 27 branches in the Kyushu region.

This café gives off the impression of a café/restaurant within a hotel, and offers a small selection of light meals and desserts, with a corner dedicated for showcasing and selling an interesting mix of accessories, apparels, bags and what-nots. 

If you are expecting large portions or a lot of variety, you can skip this place. As mentioned earlier, Octa Hotel offers a (really) small selection of light meals (about 2-3 pages on the menu - booklet form) and (it seems to have more) desserts. The light meals looked like they were more appropriate for breakfast. Otherwise, it makes for an interesting dining (snacking?) experience.

Lunch Special Octa Hotel (Café) - Singapore
The lunch special at that time
There was a promotion for their high tea seat which cost S$12.50. But we had the French Toast ($13.90++), Tri-colour sandwich ($13.90++) and Bacon and Egg Sandwich ($14.90++).

The French toast is nothing close to what that I have eaten before, it is sweet and fluffy topped with berries and cream. It was not too sweet and the flavors complimented each other surprisingly well. It also looked pretty.
French Toast at Octa Hotel (Café) - Singapore
French Toast

For the Tri-color sandwich, the egg that came with it was flavorful, fluffy and moist; the combination of egg, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes was nice and healthy.
Tri-color sandwich at Octa Hotel (Café) - Singapore
Tri-color sandwich - the nachos were a little too little don't you think?

As for the Bacon and Egg Sandwich, the slices of bread used were thick but not hard and dry. It was rather moist and nice.
Bacon and Egg Sandwich at Octa Hotel (Café) - Singapore
Bacon and Egg Sandwich
Overall, while service was prompt and good, the menu was a little sparse, the (meal) portions (might be) too light for the (very) hungry and the prices a little (too) high for certain items, which might not be agreeable with everyone. Rather than coming across as sophisticated and classy, the décor and setting looks more adorable and sweet.

Octa Hotel (Café) - Singapore
Sugar anyone? ^^
I attribute the high pricing due more to the rental of the café than the actual perceived value the café/food is supposed to deliver. Regardless, the desserts and parfait looked pretty yummy (on the menu) and are on my to try list the next time I go there.

Octa Hotel
9 Raffles Boulevard
Parco @ Marina Bay
Singapore 039596

Tel    6336 4614
Fax   6336 4176

Operating Hours
Monday to Sunday
10:30am - 9:30pm

Getting there by Train
Promenade MRT station
(Circle Line)
Nearest exit: Exit A

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  1. the french toast!!! I want one now!!! :D

    1. If I could, I would send it to you :p hehe It is yummy!