Wisdom Tooth Extraction: The day the stitches came off

Finally, the day to remove the stitches arrived. As my bottom left tooth had to be cut into two to get it out, the dentist had to stitch the gum. As the dentist did not use dissolving stitches, I had to make a trip to the dentist at AllSmiles Dental Care @ Tampines to get the stitches out.

Update:  AllSmiles Dental Care @ Tampines has since moved to Bedok and is now known as Happy Tooth

The day before the stitches were due to be removed, one of the receptionist asked if I could change the timing to 2pm instead of the previously arranged time of 12pm. Although I managed to get a 1.15pm appointment, no one was at the dentist's when I arrived at the appointed time. She could have just told me that the dentist could only make it at 2pm instead of agreeing to “make” an appointment for me that could not be fulfilled. So I while having lunch and waiting, sure enough they called to inform me that the dentist was in already (slightly before 2pm). The dentist is nice and friendly but service wise, it really needs improvement.

Anyways, the removal of the stitches took less than 15 minutes and through it all I hardly felt a thing: an indication that it is healing nicely. Well, I could feel the stitches come off but that's about all, no pain or discomfort. Definitely not traumatic as I thought it was going to be (and what my colleague described to me when she had to remove her stitches). Not scary at all.
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