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Ever since I went to Paris a couple of years back, my outlook on shoes and pricing has changed: it is worth to pay more for that pair of comfortable and nice looking shoes, as long as you need (not desperately want them of course). I bought my first pair of Sketchers shoes last year, and it is still in use.

Before Sketchers, shoes that were comfortable and actually fit were pretty rare and when I tried on my first pair of Sketchers, they were a nice fit. Mind you, not every pair I tried was comfortable, but I managed to find it. I usually have difficulty finding shoes that are comfortable or my size, my feet aren’t exactly small. So Sketchers is just one of the places where I can happily find my size for shoes, and my feet leave happy... very happy.

Just the other day I was out and saw that Sketchers’s had a Valentine special: the 2nd pair would get 14% off. As I was in need of some shoes, I decided to head inside the shop to take a look. The variety wasn’t that much as the first time I visit, perhaps it was because it was a different branch and/or many of the designs were not to my liking.

After looking and trying on a few, I settled on 3 pairs of shoes. The first 2 were regular items, so the second pair had 14% off.

Comfy new shoes
The receipt can be accumulated to S$300 (within 3 months) in order to get a Sketchers member card, which entitles you to 15% off (if I remember correctly). The shape-up and tone-up series looked interesting, but too pricy… for now. ^^
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