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Seoul Yummy is a casual Korean eating place that is pretty good value for money (in Singapore) and nice food to boot. It certainly isn't the cheapest, but it is not the most expensive either. I have been to the Seoul Yummy branch at Suntec City a couple of times, and today is one of the days that I happened to have dinner there. The lunch specials are worth the visit too.

One of the things I like about Seoul Yummy is that the main meals come with a free flow of side dishes, as well as barley tea. The décor is simple, yet stylish and comfortable at the same time. And yes, as it is a Korean restaurant, Korean music is played continuously.

My mom ordered the Half Ginseng Chicken Soup at S$13.99 set, which comes with brown rice and (free flow) hot barley tea. This soup’s flavor comes from fresh Korean ginseng and is great for those who fear the strong flavors of ginseng.
Half Ginseng Chicken Soup
Half Ginseng Chicken Soup

I had the Hotpot Beancurd with Seafood at S$10.80, and added a bowl of white rice at an additional cost of S$1.50. You get to choose what you want to add on from white rice, brown rice etc… Although barley is included in the meal, I ordered (free flow) cold barley tea, which costs an additional S$1.20. The seafood in the hotpot (e.g. prawns, squid and small clams) were fresh.
Hotpot Beancurd with Seafood
Hotpot Beancurd with Seafood

Today we decided to get an extra dish of Kimchi & Seafood Pancake, that came with some vinegar sauce, which I found really nice and complemented the pancakes well.
Seafood pancake
Kimchi & Seafood Pancake

We had a refill of the side dishes, which consisted of kimchi, tofu, ikan bilis, potato salad, peanuts and radish. I personally like the radish cubes for their crunchy texture and refreshing aroma/taste.
Korean Side Dishes
Side dishes round1
Korean Side Dishes
Side dishes round 2
For dessert, we shared Cookies and Cream with Green Tea Ice-Cream. However, they did not have any green tea ice-cream and substituted it with froyoo (frozen yogurt) which is quite nice indeed!
Cookies and Cream with Green Tea Ice-Cream
Cookies and Cream with Green Tea Ice-Cream: froyoo & cookies & cream ice-cream on top of cornflakes with marshmallows, oreos, aloe vera, melons etc...
For two persons and the quantity of food, it was a satisfying meal.

Seoul Yummy
#B1-048/049 (other outlets at Square 2 and The Central)
Suntec City Mall
Tel: 6836 2883

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