Richart Chocolat: Intense Ballotin

Intense Ballotin
Intense Ballotin

I am not really a chocolate or sweets fan, but the chocolates from France are truly different, not too sweet and interesting flavors in just the right portion (not too big). It's weird I don't really eat chocolates that are made or can be bought in Singapore; just not interested in them and they are too sweet! Recently, I received a box of RICHART chocolates and I just fell in love with these petite chocolates!

Intense Ballotin
49 different flavors & designs!

The chocolates belong to the Intense Ballotin gift box from the Petits Richart Collection, and they look simply adorable (bite sized too)! There are 49 different flavors with their own unique designs, all of which are so diverse and so interesting. There are exotic spices, sunny citrus hints, true chocolate ganaches, nutty textures, fruity coulis, refreshing herbal scents and creative flowery aromas. Each piece is about 2x2cm and are so adorable!

I have already eaten 7 of them and each has a different taste, and so far I am liking it. ^^ Here is the break down of the different flavors:

Intense Ballotin Spicy
This takes some time to get used to. I tried the Seven Spice Ganache and don't really like it, perhaps I am not really a spicy chocolates person.
Intense Ballotin Floral
The Damask Rose and Citrus Coulis has a nice rose flavor to it.
Intense Ballotin Herbal
Not really my favorite but better than the Spicy chocolates.
Intense Ballotin Balsam
Not too sweet and nice and smooth was the Licorice Ganache
Intense Ballotin Roasted
One word.. nice ^^
Intense Ballotin Fruitty
Intense Ballotin Citrus
The citrus and tinge of bitterness makes this refreshing.
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