Forest Dew Vegetarian Restaurant

I am not much of a vegetables person, as in, I would not purposely go vegetarian unless someone suggested. I know vegetables are good for you but sometimes mock meats are just.. too floury and they are a little more expensive than normal meals. Anyways, my colleague asked me if I wanted to join her for lunch and I agreed. So it was off to Forest Dew Vegetarian Restaurant at Bendemeer Road.

The ambiance was not really like the name suggests, a restaurant, but rather a “high-class” zhi-char place with air-conditioning. The décor was simple with not-too-bright lights hanging above the tables and wooden chairs and tables. The sofa looking chairs had one major flaw, the was not adhered on securely so imagine leaning over your seat and the backing comes tumbles after you, you would have to be very careful when seated.

Now on to the food, the menus was littered with options ranging from Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Western-styled set meals. As there were only 3 of us, we went for separate dishes instead. The Western looked interesting, I mean vegetarian Fish & Chips or Pork Chop sounds interesting, but the price put me off. It was S$8 per plate for the Western, and for something vegetarian I am not wiling to pay so much for it. I don’t even know how it tastes like, how can I be sure the price is justified?

Anyways, below are the food that we ordered. My colleague ordered an additional side-dish or vegetarian “squid” rings which were made of tofu in the shape of rings and fried in some pretty nice tasting batter.

One of the many menus. This one is of the zhi-char one.
Olive Fried rice
Olive Fried rice @ S$4. It looked and smelled nice.
tom-yum soup with noodles
"Customized" tom-yum soup with noodles (usually with rice or by itself). Looked nice.
Vegetarian dumpling noodles
Vegetarian dumpling noodles @ S$4. Not that fantastic, a little regretted ordering this.

Overall, I think it is an interesting place, but I will definitely not go back on my own, unless someone wants to go vegetarian again. It was a healthy meal alright, but not something I’ll miss. Good choice for vegetarians though as there is alot of variety.

Forest Dew Vegetarian Restaurant
Blk 23 #01-523
Bendemeer Road
Tel: 6293 9579

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun
11am – 10.30pm
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