Singapore Apple Store: Buying iPod Touch (4th generation)

Buying things online come with a risk, you either don't what you were told you were going to get, something gets lost in the delivery, you get charged wrongly or some other thing pops up.

Having had my iPod Touch 32GB (1st generation) for about 5 years already, I decided that it was time for an upgrade. My iPod Touch 32GB (1st generation) has lived a pretty good and long life, and since it was still in working condition, I managed to sell it to offset the price (a little) for the new one. Since the delivery is free and free optional engraving, I decided to get a new (white 32GB) one from the Apple Store (Singapore).

While it’s definitely not the first time buying things online, it is a first buying something that is worth this much. And thankfully, everything went smoothly: the ordering, engraving, and delivery. The iPod arrived in pristine condition and the engraving is just as how it was displayed on the website preview.

Buying from the Apple Store (Singapore) is simple enough, you choose the item(s) that you want, then log onto your Apple account if you have one, or use a temporary one. The rest is pretty much straight forward. And the estimated delivery date seems to be accurate enough. If you want your Apple product to be engraved with some special words, don’t have the time to head out to a physical store to make that purchase, and/or want to gift (surprise) it to someone, I think this is a pretty good option. The only downside is that purchases and deliveries must Singapore credit cards and addresses.

What has your experience buying Apple products from the Apple store been like?

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