EZlink Card

The EZlink Card is a contactless card that can be used for payments at convenience stores like 7-Eleven, taxi fares, and other small purchases. It is primary used for bus and train fares. The card contains a value that can be topped up easily at any MRT station or ATM. It can be purchased at any MRT Station or bus interchange counter. It will cost you S$15 and it can be topped up until S$100.

There is also a Singapore Tourist Pass, which allows tourists to enjoy unlimted bus and train rides at only S$8 a day. The card is coupled with promotional offers and benefits at various retails and F&B outlets, as well as how to enjoy popular attractions and find hidden local treasures. More information about the Pass can be found here.

It is amusing that the website states that the card is “Still the #1 card used by commuters for public bus and train fare payments”. 

Unless I missed something, isn't it the ONLY card that can be used for public bus and train fare payments? So other than cash or the 1-way MRT tickets there is no other competition. Well, unless you consider those multi-purpose credit cards that can double up as an EZLink card as competition.
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