Universal Studios New Ride: Transformers

Well, at least the new ride and additional Transformer attractions can justify the price increase of 3% (S$2) for both adult and child categories for the one-day admission ticket. But seriously, the whole park can be completed within a day, that is if there are not a lot (a lot) of people who make waiting in line take up as much as 3 hours. But if you are patient enough it really is possible, I see no point in getting a 2-day pass it is really not that big a place. But then again, it's just me.


Just last week Universal Studios Singapore held it’s opening of “Transformers the Ride”. Michael Bay, the director and executive producer of the movie franchise “Transformers” served as the ride’s creative consultant and was present at the opening. 

I’m not really Transformers “fan”atic, but this sure gives me the opportunity to visit the theme park again next year when my cousins come to Singapore. At least there is something “new” to do.

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