Teramachi Street (Gion, Kyoto)

Breakfast at Kohikan > Arashimaya (嵐山) > Bamboo Grove > Nonomiya Shrine > Randen Arashiyama Station > LunchGetting to Torokko-Kameoka Station > Torokko-Kameoka Station > Sagano Scenic Railway > Torokko-Saga Station > Gion > Dinner > Teramachi Street

Teramachi Street (Gion, Kyoto)
The entrance of Teramachi Street

Teramachi Street is one of the two streets form the heart of Kyoto’s main shopping district. The eastern street, known as Shinkyogoku. Essentially, Teramachi Street  is a historical street in Kyoto containing an array of shops and services, both traditional and modern. Teramachi literally means "Temple Town", reflecting the large number of temples moved there during Toyotomi Hideyoshi's remodeling of Kyoto in the 16th century in an effort to control the clergy. 

Teramachi Street (Gion, Kyoto)
A food/snack store

The shops within  Teramachi Street  mainly focus on religious aspects, particularly the west side which is filled with shops making and/or selling a variety of Buddhist rosaries, memorial tablets, tombstones. sculptures of Buddhist images, books, writing brushes, musical instruments, dolls, painting/calligraphy mounting, folding fans, face powder etc...

Teramachi Street (Gion, Kyoto)
As we visiting late in the evening, most of the store were already closed or about to close. But there were still some stores (e.g. food and clothes etc...) that were opened till a little later.
Teramachi Street (Gion, Kyoto)
A Japanese crafts shop specializing in Kimonos, handkerchiefs, bags, fans etc...
Teramachi Street (Gion, Kyoto)
Aisles of shops and even more shops! The shops never end!
Teramachi Street (Gion, Kyoto)
The history and origin of Teramachi Street

It was a memorable and enriching experience just walking along the aisles and aisles of shops! Just a stroll along the street from the start to the end, with a little browsing here and there would take up to at least 2 hours or more.

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