Kingdom of Dreams (Gurgaon, New Delhi)

Kingdom of Dreams (Gurgaon, New Delhi)
The main entrance to the Kingdom of Dreams

We were given the opportunity to visit Kingdom of Dreams during our time in Gurgaon, New Delhi. Located at Sector 29 in Gurgaon, Kingdom of Dreams is quite near our hotel (Crowne Plaza Gurgaon). We were handed a card that had a value of 500 rupees to be used at the Culture Gully, it could be topped up if we needed to spend any more.

Kingdom of Dreams (Gurgaon, New Delhi)
Past the main entrance, the spectacular buildings
Kingdom of Dreams (Gurgaon, New Delhi)
The entrance to the Culture Gully

Touted to be an entertainment extravaganza with Indian audacity and flavor, we were quite impressed with the grandeur of the entrance, but that feeling soon dissipated as soon we entered the building. Perhaps it was because we visited on a weekday, not only was there not much of a crowd, but souvenir shops and eating options in the Culture Gully were quite a disappointment - limited and unappetizing.

Kingdom of Dreams (Gurgaon, New Delhi)
This was one of the more 'crowded' souvinir shops, the others practically did not have any shoppers (unless you count us).

We did not have the time to watch the ‘raved’ about zangoora show, but just the Culture Gully alone was quite a letdown; it might have been a blessing in disguise instead. The Kingdom of Dreams has a good concept: claiming to all of India's delicacy from each state, arranged in order of India's map from north to south. When it came to dinner time, we just went to the store that had the most queue and ended up having Indian style burgers with some over salted fries. The restaurants selling South East Asian, Western, Middle Eastern and Chinese food were practically ‘ghost-towns’ that we didn’t dare to try the food.

One of the highlights (actually the only redeeming feature, ok if you include the pretty background and lighting than the second redeeming feature), would be the dancers that did a performance near the entrance of the Culture Gully.

Kingdom of Dreams (Gurgaon, New Delhi)
The pretty lights in the Culture Gully
Kingdom of Dreams (Gurgaon, New Delhi)
The fake artificial skyline

Perhaps it was a weekday evening that there wasn’t much activity nor vibe to the whole place, but overall the food and souvenirs were overpriced and the card that contained the 500 rupees could not be refunded at all. You’ll either have to forfeit the money, come again another time to use it or top up even more money. I ended up giving what little rupees that was left in the card (I think it was around 100 rupees) to my colleagues who still wanted to do a little more souvenir shopping. And that pretty much summed up our time at the Kingdom of Dreams.

Would I recommend going to the Kingdom of Dreams? Well, if you have the time (and rupees to spare) perhaps you could try to visit it on a weekend instead. Based on most of the Tripadvisor reviews, it seems that on weekends spending time at the Kingdom of dreams is a blast. However, based on my experience on a weekday evening, you could give this place a miss if you plan to visit on a weekday. You would be better off visiting one of the local malls for better quality food and souvenirs (at perhaps more reasonable prices).

Anyways, here is a compilation of the whole Kingdom of Dream experience (on a quiet weekend evening). Enjoy! 

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