Catching the Airport Limousine Bus to Haneda Airport

Since our flight was in the afternoon, we had plenty of time of wake up at a later time, checked out of Shibuya Hotel En and made our way leisurely to catch the airport bus limousine to Haneda Airport. There were two stops where we could catch the airport limousine bus from ShibuyaShibuya Station West Exit or Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu. We settled on hopping on the bus at Shibuya Excel Hotel which was but a mere 5-10 minute walk/stroll from Shibuya Hotel En.

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu
Waiting for the bus at the lobby of Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu

The night prior to our departure, we had checked out the schedule and made a trip to Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu to know where the stop is located. The stop is located on the outside the lobby of Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu, and we were the first people on line. [Airport Limousine Bus Schedule]

Airport Limousine Bus to Haneda Airport
A one-way ticket to Haneda Airport costs 1,030¥ per adult and 1,600¥ for a round trip.
Airport Limousine Bus to Nartia Airport
A one-way ticket to Narita Airport costs 3,100¥ per adult.

Being true to Japanese punctuality, the timing for the buses was very accurate. For example, when they state 12:55pm on the schedule, it actually means that the bus actually arrives about 5-10 minutes earlier and leaves at 12:55pm, not that it arrives at 12:55pm. So it’s always better to arrive earlier with some time to spare than end up missing your bus.

Airport Limousine Bus
Arrival of the bus

When the bus arrived, the driver alighted off the bus and confirmed the passengers whose destination was Haneda Airport. He collected the bus fare on the sport and loaded the luggage on the bus, before allow us to board the bus. There was a family of China tourists who had pre-purchased their tickets, while the rest of us just paid on the spot.

With the fare being paid for, we boarded the bus and made our way to Haneda Airport. Along the way the bus stopped at the other stops picking up passengers headed to Haneda Airport. Each time a stop was made, the driver would alight, collect the fare and load the luggage of the passengers before letting them on board. For each stop, the announcements were made in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese.
Airport Limousine Bus
All aboard!
Airport Limousine Bus
Announcements made in both Chinese and Korean....
Airport Limousine Bus
... as well as Japanese and English

In about an hour or so, we arrived at our destination. The driver once again assisted us to get the luggage out. I have to say the level of service that the Japanese provide is simply incomparable, not only do they provide service with professionalism, but they are polite and do not do it grudgingly with a bad attitude (like they are forced to do it).

Haneda Airport
Since we were a tad too early for checking-in, the counters were not yet opened so we decided to dine in on of the restaurants located on the 4th floor.
Haneda Airport
Up the elevator with our luggage in tow we go...

There were so many options to choose from but we eventually decided on scrumptiously fresh sushi at Ariso Sushi.

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