Lunch at Ariso Sushi (Haneda Airport)

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Ariso Sushi, is a Japanese sushi bar that is located on the 4th floor of the Haneda Airport (International Terminal) at the Edo Area.  
Throughout our time in Japan eating our way through ramen, soba, sashimi, bentos, tempura and other delicious Japanese foods, we actually did not have the stomach to eat sushi (we only have one stomach each but there were too many foods to choose from!). Needless to say, while browsing through the restaurants located in the Edo Area, when we saw Ariso Sushi we entered without any hesitation. 

Ariso Sushi (Haneda Airport)
Ariso Sushi (Haneda Airport)

As it was not yet lunch time, there were not many people in the restaurant. There was more than enough space to "park" our luggage at the side. Once we "parked" our luggage, we were seated near the counter where we could see the action happening: sushi chefs were in front of us preparing sushi orders. 

Ariso Sushi (Haneda Airport)
Seeing your food being prepared in front of of you is a mesmerizing event. ^^
Ariso Sushi (Haneda Airport)
The menu(s)

The (English) menu was soon promptly handed over and we made our order of a sushi set which contained sushi - crab, salmon, tuna, squid, eel, shrimp, uni (sea urchin) etc... It even came with soup too. The set cost around 2,900¥, which is pretty reasonable given the location and freshness of the ingredients. 

Ariso Sushi (Haneda Airport)
We ordered this sushi set each. It came with 10 pieces of sushi.
Ariso Sushi (Haneda Airport)
The miso soup

We even added 3 more items, fried squid similar to calamari and 2 more sushis - salmon and tuna. The wasbi was already added to the sushi, and since we enjoy wasabi we found it a thrill! 

Ariso Sushi (Haneda Airport)
Tuna sushi with some chopped scallions(?) on the side
Ariso Sushi (Haneda Airport)
The salmon sushi!! It was melt in the mouth and super fresh. Even the color is different from what we see in Singapore.
Ariso Sushi (Haneda Airport)
The fried squid. I think they were chopped tentacles. Whichever part of the squid they were they were flavorful, succulent and fresh.

The green tea is complimentary and so is the pickled ginger. What sets the green tea apart here is that instead of the usual tea bags (we are used to in Singapore), the green tea came in the form of powder (so you can adjust the thickness of the tea to suit your tastes).

By the time we were done with our meal,  it was the official lunch time so the crowd starting streaming in and we had to make way for the newcomers at "parking" space for the luggage was running out as the restaurant slowly filled up. With our tummies filled it was time to check-in our luggage...

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