Dinner at Tagoto - 田ごと (Gion, Kyoto)

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Tagoto - 田ごと (Gion, Kyoto)
Tagoto (田ご)とEntrance

Located right in the center of Kyoto's Shijo-Kawaramachi Shopping District in Gion, Tagoto (田ごと) is a secret little corner that is shielded from the bustling city life around it. What caught our attention was the warm and welcoming wooden entrance, and when we entered that the walkway that led to the restaurant was a totally different world; very tranquil.

Tagoto - 田ごと (Gion, Kyoto)
Walking through the entrance, past the little walkway to the restaurant.
Tagoto - 田ごと (Gion, Kyoto)
It even has a mini pond with koi inside!
Tagoto - 田ごと (Gion, Kyoto)
The main door to the restaurant on the ground floor. Based on its website, there are 3 stories.

From it's website, Tagoto (田ごと) states that it specializes in kaiseki cuisine, but there are other Japanese items on the menu as well such as soba noodles, yuba (skin of soya milk that is carefully scooped by a thin bamboo stick) etc...There are counter seats, (tatami) private rooms and regular seats within the restaurant.

When we entered, we were escorted to our seat and presented with the English menu by a waitress donning a kimono. We were also served with hot green tea and hot towels for wiping our hands. The interior of the restaurant and the waitresses donning their kimonos attending to the tabled made it seem as if we had taken a step back in time.

Tagoto - 田ごと (Gion, Kyoto)
The interior of the first floor and our seating area, which was next to the private tatami rooms.
I ordered the soba noodled which was wrapped with yuba, served with sushi on the side (棗そばと笹巻き寿司)  for 1,800¥.


The broth in with the wrapped soba was a little starchy, but after a but of stirring the broth became rich and brothy, losing its starchy texture, complimenting the soba and yuba; it was a delight to eat! The sushi presentation was unique, with individual pieces being wrapped in some kind of leaf. It was really fresh and yummy too.

M ordered the soba tempura set, which cost around the same price (I really cannot remember but the prices were really reasonable). But according to her, despite it's simple outlook, it was very delicious.

soba tempura set
Soba tempura set
When we were done with our meal, we went to the counter to make payment. Our token/identifier was a red wooden plaque with a cute bunny painted on it along with our table number.

Tagoto - 田ごと (Gion, Kyoto)
Our table number stated on the wooden plaque
Tagoto - 田ごと (Gion, Kyoto)
At the counter making payment with the plastic (yet realistic) displays of  kaiseki cuisine and other specialties of the resturant.

By the time we were done with dinner, our tummies were happy and we were recharged to continue our gallivanting and exploration of Shinkyogoku Street.

Getting to TAGOTO

Open 11am to 8:30pm daily

From Hankyu-Kawaramachi Station (exit #6): 1-minute walk
From Subway Karasuma-Shijo Station: 10-minute walk
From Kyoto Station: 10 minutes by taxi (approximate fare: ¥1,000)

Closest bus stop: Shijo-Kawaramachi

Address: Shijo-Kawaramachi Nishi-iru Kitagawa Otabi-cho 34, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city.
Tel: 0120-307-361 (toll free) 075-221-1811
Email: info@kyoto-tagoto.co.jp

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