Video: Orange Hotel Ximen, Taipei (桔子商旅-西門店)

Orange Hotel Ximen
TV in front of the bed
The room was quaint and cozy enough, quite a welcoming sight to the weary traveler after a packed day of exploring the city. The TV is places right in front of the bed so you can just lie down and chill while watching your favorite show. The window also let in a lot of light and you can enjoy the view of the bustling city life outside.

Here's a quick tour of the room. Read more about my stay experience: [Orange Hotel Ximen, Taipei (桔子商旅-西門店)]

Sleep Quality

Overall Experience:

Orange Hotel Ximen, Taipei

Address: 108, Taiwan, Taipei City, Wanhua District, 中華路一段166號之2

Booking: Via the website OR online for a better pricing (Who knows? You might find an attractive rate especially if you book online. 😜)

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