Machi Doggie Fashion & Coffee (Closed)

Due to the high rent and operational issues. Machi Doggie Fashion and Coffee has closed down on March 27, 2019. But I'm glad we had the chance to visit this quirky little cafe, since it was right next door to our hotel,  Orange Hotel Ximen, Taipei (桔子商旅-西門店).
Machi Doggie Fashion & Coffee was located in downtown Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan, and was inspired by Taiwanese celebrity Jay Chou and wife Hannah Quinlivan's pet dog called Machi.
Upon entering the dimly lit cafe, the industrial-style decor and furnishings was an interesting mix of industrial and cuteness: amidst the neon lights, vintage jukebox, maze of bronze pipe, and dark ceiling, the cafe's cute mascot could be seen shining through the industrial theme. 

Machi Doggie Fashion & Coffee
The interior
The menu had some really cute Machi items, such as a perfectly adorable foam Machi portrait on latte, some unique cotton candy sodas, waffle Machi amongst many others in cute paw prints and dog shaped utensils. 

 Here are the items we ordered:
Brewed coffee served in a cutely decorated bottle served with milk and sugar syrup on the side, and cute  paw ice.
Their signature Machi Marshmallow Coffee Latte served in an adorable Machi-shaped mug,
topped off with a floating character marshmallow.
 Cotton candy soda: we were supposed to pour the soda into the glass through the cotton candy,
letting the candy melt into the drink.
Vegetarian Spaghetti: the spaghetti was just nice and had a nice texture.
Cream based prawn spaghetti
Some tortilla and salsa on the side

The food was quite palatable and the decor comfortable. One of the highlights of this little dining experience was that DramaQueen had dropped her bracelet in the restroom and could not find it. As we has to leave for our next destination, she left her contact just in case they could find it. The staff at the cafe were polite and sympatheti. They actually took the effort to search the restroom and managed find it; contacting DramaQueen the next day to go collect it. That's Taiwanese hospitality for you, I guess.  😊

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