Klook Review: Pocket WiFi and Jump Show Tickets (Seoul)

Ever since I started using Klook for my trip to Hong Kong, I decided to use it for my somewhat impromptu trip to Seoul. This time I decided to get the Pocket WiFi and Jump tickets. For 6 days between 2 people, it cost a total of S$88, which works out to be about S$44 per person. We saved about S$20 each, which made it even sweeter.

Pocket WiFi Device

There are a couple of options to collect the Pocket WiFi device: at Incheon Airport upon arrival, and from Singapore before departure. At the time of my booking I chose the Olleh WiFi device, to be collected at Incheon Airport. The prices fluctuate so it's always best to check out Klook for the best deals. You never know when there might be a relatively good deal.

[Klook Review: Collecting the Pocket WiFi device]


JUMP Show Tickets

Since we were going to stay in the Myeongdong area, I choose to watch JUMP:
Klook Review: Pocket WiFi and Jump Show Tickets (Seoul)
Photo from Klook
 "Set in an average Korean home, JUMP is centered on a typical but dramatically agile Korean family – from the authoritarian grandfather, drunken uncle and Taekwondo-chopping mother to the incongruous daughter's suitor. Each member is a martial arts expert, possessing championship levels of Taekwondo, acrobatic and gymnastic skills. The plot thickens when two burglars break into the house in the middle of the night – one a sleek, mean villain, the other a plump, bumbling idiot – your quintessential comedy duo. When the family discovers the intruders, a mighty battle ensures. What follows is an incredible display of acrobatic skills, Jackie Chan-like martial arts, familial shenanigans and a healthy dose of slapstick humor thrown in too!"
[Klook Review: JUMP Show]


Booking Process

Klook Review: Pocket WiFi and Jump Show Tickets (Seoul)
There are a few options to choose form.
After confirming the items, check out was a breeze. The confirmation was instantly added to my account on the mobile app; no need to print out the confirmation.

The booking process was simple and straight forward. Downloading the Klook app makes all the more easier too - just show the confirmation on your mobile and you can collect your ticket / item.

[Klook Review: JUMP Show]

When booking your experiences on Klook, please conduct your own research before booking anything. If you are interested in getting travel experiences at affordable prices, and still get some of your money back for the next trip, join Klook here and get S$4.30 off your first transaction!

Tip: If you want to see what promo codes there are for Klook, you can check out TravelBytez Promo Codes. Do take note of the validity of the promo codes. Happy Travels!


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