Escaping the Dust and Noise: Looking for a Pet-Friendly Service Apartment

Since the home bathrooms were going to be renovated for about 10 days, the hacking and drilling would be quite an inconvenience, with all the noise and fine dust flying all over the place. In addition, the option of having to share a common bathroom with the rest of the neighborhood or using the portable toilet hat would be set up in the home would be too much for me to handle (cue horrible memories of communal bathroom sharing at youth church/school camps). While many have shared that they either braved the noise and dust, or moved in with friends or relatives, those might not really be an option for those who have a dog at home.
Not exactly very welcoming...
I rather not handle such toilets when I have the chance

My friends (those whose homes had enough space to house us) and extended family were either allergic or afraid of dogs, so there goes the “free” option. Moreover, the thought of having to live with the noise and mess or moving in with someone, while the puppy went to stay at a pet hotel for about S$300 (given his size) per night was not very appealing either. So I researched for options, and the verdict was that we would stay at a service apartment to escape the inconveniences.

AirBnb was also an option, but since there was too little time to do any intensive read though of the reviews (and since the last bad experience in our Tokyo AirBnB), I decided to play it safe and go for something more “legal” and quality / consistency assured - service apartments. 
However, for those who are interested in AirBnb accommodations that are pet-friendly and have an average price range of between S$130-200++ per night, you can take a look at:
If you are interested in joining AirBnB and want a discount off your first stay, please sign up here! So note that when booking other properties on AirBnB, please conduct your own research before booking anything.

While service apartments may be slightly more affordable than hotels, there are also much less options available for those that are pet-friendly. Out of the countless of (googable) serviced apartments (online), there were only 3 service apartments that were pet-friendly enough to accept the puppy - Great World Serviced Apartments, Oasia Residence, and Fraser Place Robertson Walk.

Out of the three, after much deliberation we finally decided on Oasia Residence because

  1. It was the newest of the lot (so facilities and d├ęcor were not as "out" dated as the other two).
  2. We could choose between the studio, 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. Great World Service Apartments insisted that we take the 2 bedroom apartment at S$366 per night due to fire safety issues.
  3. There was an ongoing promotion with a reasonable (and cheaper) rate for the 1 bedroom apartment (the real deal breaker).
  4. Simple breakfast is provided on weekdays (a nice touch) and housekeeping is thrice a week. Housekeeping for Great World Service Apartments is only twice a week, and Fraser Place Robertson Walk's response was so curt and unfriendly we didn't even consider it.
  5. It is near the dog park, perfect location for the puppy (yes, he is the king when deciding where to stay). 

So with decision made, an email was sent to ask for a quotation and the 1 bedroom apartment was soon booked. The process was straight forward and smooth. Now all that's left is to pack the bags, dust-proof the room and leave for our little mini-staycation. *crosses fingers*

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