Singapore Airlines Economy Review: Bangkok to Singapore

Singapore Airlines Economy Review: Bangkok to Singapore
Plane before the rest of the passengers boarded

Actually, there is a counter at the hotel’s lobby to book your taxi but we missed it as the normal taxi option was hidden away at an inconspicuous corner. We thought that they only offered taxis for larger groups (more than 3 people), and we decided to hail for one the next morning when we departed or use the Grab App.

However, trying to get a taxi on a rainy morning to Suvarnabhumi Airport was practically impossible! Even the Grab App failed us. We were seriously thinking we were going to miss out flight! Thankfully the hotel concierge braved the weather with an umbrella and managed to get us a taxi after a few attempts. Needless to say we gave the guy a tip.
Grab App in Bangkok
As simple as it looks, there were no drivers willing to accept our booking 😭

Once we settled into the taxi, we were on our way to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Given the wet and slightly gloomy weather, traffic was actually not too bad and we managed to make it for our flight with at least 2 hours to spare. The ride, inclusive of the toll fee, cost us about 400 baht.

Rain in Bangkok
The rain cleared a little as we were approaching the airport.

Since we already had breakfast at the hotel, we did some last minute shopping at the airport while waiting for our flight. The morning crowd in the airport was relatively sparse, giving us space (and some time) to meandering slowly to our gate and do some last minute shopping. And buy quite a few things we did, so much so that we each had about 2 additional big plastic bags… in each hand! 

Suvarnabhumi Airport
A quick photo before we went into shopping frenzy mode lol

With goodies in tow, we made our way to the gate and boarded the plane successfully. As usual, passengers were called to board according to seating, but there was a group of over eager passengers that queued despite it not being their turn yet. It was quite an interesting sight.

The plane configuration is 3-3-3, so it is not a very big plane. Still the seat was comfortable and there was relatively ample of legroom. As usual the blanket and pillow were already waiting for us when we boarded. The earphones were handed out when we halfway up the air.

Managed to  get snapshot before all the other passengers started streaming in

We soon headed into the skies and within the next hour or so, lunch was served. I chose the Prawn Noodles, with came with a chilled chicken salad and tiramisu as dessert!

Singapore Airlines Economy Food
The meal!
Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad: this was a little salty but overall still palatable.
Prawn Noodles
Prawn Noodles: the prawns were fresh and the noodles not too salty yet flavorful enough, a pretty good combination with the vegetables too.
Tiramisu: the perfect texture and taste!

The food on the return flight (SQ975) was definitely much better than the fare offered on the flight from Singapore to Bangkok (SQ976). In fact, the tiramisu was very nice that I wished I had another helping of it. 😋

I even managed to catch up on the cartoon animation “SING” while having lunch in the air – pure bliss!

That’s the one major difference between full service flights and budget flights - entertainment and food. Naturally, that is also where the price differs as budget flights are no frills. Still, when Singapore Airlines is having promotions, it is definitely worth a look as the final fare is comparable to budget airlines. Of course, that is if you are going to be doing some serious shopping (30kg of luggage allowance, entertainment and food all inclusive for a few dollars more is worth it). Otherwise, if you are going to travel really light, with a small and light luggage, you might be better off taking a budget airline and save a few dollars.

Overall for the flight, the service was alright: cabin crew were helpful and all smiles as they bustled about the plane serving passengers and attending to requests. And for this trip, the food made the experience better.

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