7 Days Fabulous Kyushu Itinerary by SA Tours

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Best Western Rembrandt Hotel Kagoshima (Japan)

With my wanderlust satisfied, here I will be sharing with you the itinerary that SA Tours bought me and my dad (together with a whole bunch of other people) to when we were in Fukuoka. It's my first time with a tour package and it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. The package tour for 2 pax cost me around S$3,000++, not inclusive of shopping, tips and some meals.

Here is the itinerary and the things we did, along with my thoughts (what I can remember, this was in 2015 after all 😳).

Day 1 & 2


Day 3


    Day 4


    Day 5

    • Mt Aso National Park - a dormant volcano hill famous for being the world’s largest volcano crater 
    • Beppu hot springs district - distinct famous for its has 8 boiling pools spewing scalding-hot water and steam. 
    • Yamatsubaki Kokonoe-Machin 
      • Enjoy traditional hot spring bath


    Day 6


    Day 7

    • Flight on Singapore Airlines back to Singapore

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